Who's the Best Dentist in Austin area

Dr. Dan Holtzclaw DDS, MS - Periodontist

159 reviews Rating

Austin, TX

"I really don't think that there are enough words to show my appreciation to Dr. Holtzclaw and his entire crew. When your teeth look horrible, you just feel so low and from the moment I met Dr. H and his wonderful staff, I really felt hopefully. I got my permanent teeth today and they are great. I feel like a ..."

Dr. Richard Hayashi DDS - Dentist

83 reviews Rating

Austin, TX

"Dr. Hayashi is a great guy and dentist. He did great work replacing my teeth, you cannot tell they are fake. He also saw'll me on a Sunday. Would recommend him to anyone."

Dr. Brian Smith DDS - Orthodontist

82 reviews Rating

Austin, TX

"Due to a childhood accident, I had a very involved surgery that included replacing both jaw joints & reconstructing my face. Very few orthodontists had the skills necessary to deal with such an involved case (and most wouldn't touch me). Dr. Smith worked closely with my surgeon in Dallas to make sure that my braces moved my teeth to where ..."

Dr. Steven Yarbrough D.D.S. - Dentist

77 reviews Rating

Austin, TX

"The whole gang is always friendly and welcoming. I feel like the only one on the office. Very good experience!"

Dr. Joe Neeley DDS - Dentist

41 reviews Rating

Austin, TX

"I am a retired dentist/periodontist. I've seen it all in dentistry! I am very picky about who does my dental work. Dr. Joe Neely has done excellent work for me. He's a great guy and a terrific dentist with many years of experience, and he uses all the latest high tech to deliver painless and the highest quality dentistry at ..."

Dr. Randy Kunik DDS - Orthodontist

37 reviews Rating

Austin, TX

"Dr. Kunik has worked with my budget, and he has brought my teeth together. i had an extra babytooth in the front that I was afraid would give me grief later in life, but he got me hooked up with invisalign. I had the tooth removed, and my first sets had a cap to replace it, so no one would ..."

Dr. Elizabeth Grimm Dentist - Dentist

32 reviews Rating

Austin, TX

"I would (and have) recommend Dr Grimm to family & friends! Her knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. I tend to be an anxious dental patient but from my first visit she put me at ease. I am loving my new partial and Dr Grimm has given me back my smile :)"

Dr. Dora Nemeth DDS - Dentist

25 reviews Rating

Austin, TX

"Dr. Nemeth was the first and only dentist I have had since I moved to Austin. She is incredibly sweet and soft spoken. Hear bedside manner is impeccable and I would recommend her to anyone who asks me for a referral for a dentist!!"

Dr. James Widner DDS - Oral Surgeon

21 reviews Rating

Austin, TX

"I had 5 implants and one surgical extraction last year and I am ecstatic with the results I have had. I waited about a decade to get these implants because I was so scared. Dr. Widner made the experience so wonderful that I feel silly waiting so long! In fact, by waiting so long, I had significant bone loss in ..."

Dr. M. Scott Monts DDS, MS - Endodontist

15 reviews Rating

Austin, TX

"This review is long overdue but we still hear great compliments from every doctor who sees his work on X-rays. We had a very difficult time finding a doctor who could do a root canal on my daughter's permanent molar due to various complications. Not only did Dr. Monts save her tooth and finish a successful (and impressive) procedure but ..."