Who's the Best Dentist in AZ

Dr. Stephen Resnick DMD - Dentist

324 reviews Rating

Scottsdale, AZ

"At first I was very nervous just thinking about the procedure. But Dr. Resnick and his assistant were awesome. They made me feel comfortable and reminded me to breath and think happy thoughts which I rarely do when it comes to these things. Everyone one was very professional and polite and I didn't have to wait all day in the ..."

Dr. Sameet Koppikar DDS - Dentist

286 reviews Rating

Phoenix, AZ

"This was my first appointment with Dr. Koppikar, my previous dentist merged his practice with him. The facility is beautiful and the staff is extremely friendly and very helpful."

Dr. Sheila Naik DDS - Dentist

167 reviews Rating

Glendale, AZ

"Very professional and thorough. Dr. Naik is caring and skilled."

Dr. Jay Citrin DDS - Dentist

116 reviews Rating

Tucson, AZ

"Wonderful dentist and genuinely nice guy. Highly recommended."

Dr. Lonnie Eckman RN, DMD - Dentist

91 reviews Rating

Gilbert, AZ

"The first time I met Dr. Eckman was for a double crown prep. I was new to the area and took a chance (hey, the reviews were good). Dr. Eckman did the best job ever and relatively little discomfort or extended sessions. They fit well and color matched perfectly. The hygienists are great and the entire staff seem to have ..."

Dr. Troy Gombert DDS - Dentist

91 reviews Rating

Chandler, AZ

"Dr. Gombert is THE BEST. He always is so kind and definitely knows what he is doing. My family and I can't refer him enough. I have been going to him for 13 years."

Dr. Melvin Dixon DDS - Dentist

71 reviews Rating

Tucson, AZ

"Treated me with high level of professionalism and dignity and respect. Definitely would refer others."

Dr. Kelly Jorn Cook DDS - Dentist

62 reviews Rating

Chandler, AZ

"I went to Doctor Cook as a last resort to fix the horrible job the Army dentists did on my teeth. He did an amazing job and I am so glad I found him. He even worked with me when I had no insurance and had to pay out of pocket. It was worth every penny. I am so grateful ..."

Dr. Timothy Kindt DDS - Dentist

54 reviews Rating

Mesa, AZ

"Dr. Kindt always pops in to say hi even if my hygienist is taking care of my appointment. He will do a quick check to make sure everything is going ok with my dental health."

Dr. Charles Loschiavo DMD - Oral Surgeon

13 reviews Rating

Tucson, AZ

"Due to an extraction from my dentist the tooth was decayed and broke down in pieces leaving only the root. I was referred to Dr Loschiavo to have the root surgically removed. This entire procedure took 30 minutes. The only discomfort was the local. Its been 2 days I have no pain no swelling this Doctor is fantastic. This entire ..."