Who's the Best Dentist in TN

Dr. Clint Newman DDS - Dentist

146 reviews Rating

Nashville, TN

"two caps redone. color was suppose to be better and space between teeth closed. space was closed. color makes my bridge look worse. I knew when they said your teeth are all current colors that they weren't crazy about it so I wouldn't be either. it's a pretty color by itself not with my bridge.it makes it stand out more. ..."

Dr. Leslie Dillard DDS - Dentist

95 reviews Rating

Nashville, TN

"Great. Very knowledgeable and personable. It felt like speaking with a good friend."

Dr. Richard Gaw DDS - Dentist

90 reviews Rating

Nashville, TN

"Dr. Gaw has performed several procedures on me and all outcomes have been excellent. I would highly recommend him."

Dr. Radu Pop DMD - Dentist

22 reviews Rating

Nashville, TN

"Great service and quality of work. Overall experience was great; I will continue to visit this dental team along with my family"

Dr. Richard Heard DDS - Dentist

8 reviews Rating

Cookeville, TN

"Nicest dentist I have ever been to. My children love him and he actually cares. He is very honest."

Dr. Janet Clodfelter DDS - Dentist

15 reviews Rating

Nashville, TN

"I had a very pleasant visit. Everyone was very friendly, kind and professional."

Dr. Danny Crockarell DDS - Dentist

12 reviews Rating

Old Hickory, TN

"Dr. Crockarell has been my dentist for 21 years. I met Dr. Crockarell when no one else in the Hermitage, Mt Juliet, Lebanon area would touch me. I was 21 years old. At the age of 18 I had suffered ..."

Dr. Ronald Swang DDS - Dentist

12 reviews Rating

Nashville, TN

"Dr. Swang has been my dentist for 20 years. He has always been straight forward, effective and very accommodating to my scheduling needs. Over the 20 years I had at least 2 emergencies on a weekend, one of which he ..."

Dr. John Werther DMD - Oral Surgeon

14 reviews Rating

Nashville, TN

"I saw Dr. Werther one time. I had had 2 complex jaw surgeries about 5 years prior, and saw him about fixing my residual asymmetric jaws from bone reabsorption, which looks like a deformity of my jaws. He couldn't be ..."

Dr. Rhonda Gilmore DDS - Dentist

12 reviews Rating

Nashville, TN

"Office visits every six months with cleanings. I received oral x-rays on first visit in 2011 and May of 2014, my last visit. I have lost 2 teeth and stand to lose two or three more. I feel that mouth ..."