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Dr. Keith Progebin DDS - Prosthodontist

160 reviews Rating

Washington, DC 202-296-8126 Call

"Following a comprehensive evaluation of my dental state which was very poor in terms of health, function, and aesthetics (I am 64), Dr. Keith Progebin developed a detailed prosthodontic treatment plan requiring many months of careful, step-by-step staging to ensure the best chances of success for full restoration. Having just completed my treatment plan, I could not be happier with ..."

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Dr. Jill Bailey DDS - Orthodontist

66 reviews Rating

Washington, DC 202-686-5100 Call

"Truly one of the great orthodontists in Washington"

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Dr. John Arroyo DDS - Dentist

23 reviews Rating

Washington, DC 202-955-5787 Call

"This was the BEST experience I ever had at a dental office. From the phone call to schedule appt, to check-out process me and my daughter was extremely happy and I will refer EVERYONE that I know...."

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Dr. Jeffrey Rosenbaum DDS - Dentist

22 reviews Rating

Washington, DC (202) 296-9448 Call

"I have had four cavities fixed by Dr. Rosenbaum and each time everything was calm and relaxing. He explains the problems and what the solutions are for them in a caring way. I was nervous to get my cavities fixed since I never had any before but it was pain free and easy. Throughout the procedure he would check in ..."

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Dr. Gerald Marlin DMD - Prosthodontist

20 reviews Rating

Washington, DC 202-244-2101 Call

"Recently, Dr. Marlin and his fabulous team restored my entire top row of teeth with porcelain crowns. My teeth were very damaged and eroded. I worried constantly about them breaking and I felt self conscious about my smile. Dr. Marlin assured me he could give me a functioning, natural looking smile that matched my features and face shape. The outcome ..."

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Dr. Marc Stanard DDS - Periodontist

9 reviews Rating

Washington, DC 202.887.5441 Call

"Dr Stanard provides exceptional service. He provided pain-free treatment, being very diligent with his follow up to ensure that all was well after the surgery . He is extremely courteous and takes the time to explain what is needed and the treatment required. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing dental surgery."

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Dr. Shila Yazdani DDS - Dentist

5 reviews Rating

Washington, DC 202-363-3399 Call

"Dr. Yazdani herself is very knowledgeable and an excellent dentist; however, her staff, although exceptionally nice, makes it exceptionally difficult to get in touch with her, even in the event of an emergency requiring hospitalization when the call was placed during day-time hours (I was told she would not be able to call me back for a few days.). Separately, ..."

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Dr. Uziel Blumenkranz DDS - Endodontist

2 reviews Rating

Washington, DC 202-783-6664 Call

"Even though I was a non-patient visiting the area, he worked me in between patients immediately when I told him I was experiencing pain. He was very knowledgeable and attentive. I am very leery of dentists and only went due to the severe pain of a tooth that had a root canal completed out of state. However, he has helped ..."

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Dr. Everett Schneider DDS - Dentist

225 reviews Rating

Washington, DC

"I have been a patient of Dr Schneider for over 7 yrs, and think his is a great dentist. He has terrific chairside manor and takes a lot of pride in his work. He had done fillings, and a couple ..."

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Dr. Daniel Cave DDS - Dentist

29 reviews Rating

Washington, DC

"Dr. Cave is extremely curt, irritable, and impatient. In my experience, as well as that of others I know who have been to him, he does not take the time to hear patients' concerns or treat them like customers. Instead, ..."

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